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Anonymous asked: Okay, I asked you weeks ago about whether or not I should come out, and today I came out to my best friend! Surprisingly, it couldn't have gone better, and it feels like nothing has changed :D

Yay! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous asked: hi! i'm really curious about something.. is it possible to be pansexual romantically, but homosexual sexually? i feel romantically attracted to males and masculine figures but i wouldn't think about sex with them. (if any of this makes sense...)

It’s entirely possible. Your romantic and sexual orientations are entirely your own. Define them how you wish!

I just thought this was cool. 888 followers! I’m grateful for each and every one. :)

I just thought this was cool. 888 followers! I’m grateful for each and every one. :)

Anonymous asked: For the book recs, Sprout by Dale Peck is awesome. Kinda angsty, but it's really funny. Parrotfis awesome as well, it has a transgender narrato

I’m loving all these suggestions. You guys rock!

Anonymous asked: How do I come out as pansexual to people I've only done it twice and that was on face book to people that I knew were bi and pan so that was kinda easy but how do I come out as pansexual to people in real life not just on the Internet ?(please help I'm scared)

Just take a deep breath. You can do this. You’re stronger than you realize, and everyone here at Askapan is behind you. Be honest with people you trust and take a little leap of faith. You’ll be okay. Please let us know how it goes!

katicilleanofthescourge asked: I'm not sure of the author but I've heard Two Boys Kissing is supposed to be pretty good!


linzilezzi asked: The one that feels invisible if you saw my blog on here blog think I'm great I'm really good at faking happy even when I came out (2003) and felt like not being here I faked happy and no one knew how bad it was (sorry to bug you)

I’m not sure how to respond to this, so I’m just gonna post it.

Anonymous asked: Is it okay to want to identify as pansexual and demisexual? Like it doesn't matter what gender they identify as, but I only have feelings after becoming close?

That’s perfectly okay, although (correct me if I’m wrong, I absolutely could be) I think you might be panromantic demisexual. Either way, you’re perfect as you are. :)

Anonymous asked: For the person who was wondering about LGBTQ books, "Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe" is amazing!!!! Also there are a few books by John Green that have gay characters

Thank you!