Anonymous asked: I have come out to a couple of people in the last few months as pansexual but many of them keep just referring to me as a lesbian or gay. Im not upset but more worried that people don't understand or just won't listen even when I try to correct them in what they have just said. What should I do as i think this might be a problem with them not believing that this is a real sexuality?

Be firm in correcting them about your sexuality. If they refuse to refer to your sexuality properly, it would be best to distance yourself from them, as that is highly disrespectful. If someone refers to you as gay or lesbian when you are something entirely different and refuses to acknowledge that it exists even after you correct them, it might be best to limit the amount of time that person is in your life.

Anonymous asked: hello, i like your blog. a great idea, but i feel like a lot of the questions asked barely get an answer, like 2 sentences. seeing that this blog revolves around the asks, we should get more of an answer please! figuring out one's sexuality is confusing and i would appreciate it if we could get more of your opinions and advice, because it's great! thanks love

Well, the other mods on AskaPan are more verbose than I am, but their lives have been a bit busy, so it’s left to me right now to answer whenever I can. I’ll try to be more helpful, but please understand I can only do so much. 

Anonymous asked: So this year has been extremely confusing for me trying to figure out my sexual orientation, and I have finally figured out that I'm pan. I've been gradually coming out about it to people I trust, like my mom. She's supportive, but I find myself having a hard time explaining it to her. I recently found your blog and was wondering if you knew about any good articles for explaining pansexuality to family members? Thank you!

I tried looking for some good articles, but the ones I found were, quite frankly, awful. I’m very sorry. :/ Followers?

nyoot-boots asked: Hi, I realized I was pansexual about a few months ago. I come from a mostly Christian/Catholic family and i already told most of them I was pagan. I feel like I should tell them my sexuality, but I live with my Christian grandmother and I don't know how to come out to her. Any advice on what I should do?

I would say it’s important to decide who you should and should not come out to. I’m not out to everyone in my family, and I don’t think I will be. I’m out to those I thought it was necessary to tell. Either way, I’m by your side.

If you’re sending me messages to my askbox, Tumblr keeps eating them. Sorry!

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Anonymous asked: Okay, I asked you weeks ago about whether or not I should come out, and today I came out to my best friend! Surprisingly, it couldn't have gone better, and it feels like nothing has changed :D

Yay! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous asked: hi! i'm really curious about something.. is it possible to be pansexual romantically, but homosexual sexually? i feel romantically attracted to males and masculine figures but i wouldn't think about sex with them. (if any of this makes sense...)

It’s entirely possible. Your romantic and sexual orientations are entirely your own. Define them how you wish!

I just thought this was cool. 888 followers! I’m grateful for each and every one. :)

I just thought this was cool. 888 followers! I’m grateful for each and every one. :)

Anonymous asked: For the book recs, Sprout by Dale Peck is awesome. Kinda angsty, but it's really funny. Parrotfis awesome as well, it has a transgender narrato

I’m loving all these suggestions. You guys rock!

Anonymous asked: How do I come out as pansexual to people I've only done it twice and that was on face book to people that I knew were bi and pan so that was kinda easy but how do I come out as pansexual to people in real life not just on the Internet ?(please help I'm scared)

Just take a deep breath. You can do this. You’re stronger than you realize, and everyone here at Askapan is behind you. Be honest with people you trust and take a little leap of faith. You’ll be okay. Please let us know how it goes!